Records Management Coordinator - Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs

Records Management Coordinator in the Financial Administration Staff Services Division

Job Posting Number: 18-029

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Description: Performs advanced archival work coordinating the Department’s records management program. Work involves examining Department records (hard copy and electronic); recommending disposal and destruction of records; analyzing and arranging records, archives, and manuscripts; preparing inventories, indexes, guides, and other aids to facilitate access to information; recommending and implementing new procedures to accommodate need.

Job Functions:

  • Appraises records of the Department and recommends appropriate disposition by coordinating with Divisions on the inventory of all active records (hard copy and electronic).
  • Assists in locating records relevant to research needs, and answers reference questions.
  • May consult with the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) and other government offices on archival or records management procedures; may recommend new procedures.
  • Coordinates the development and maintenance of the Department’s Records Retention Schedule with all Divisions.
  • Prepares all required documentation for the offsite storage of inactive records, to include ensuring the inventory of each records box is complete, records and retention period are properly identified, records are boxed according to records series, data entry of inventory into the computer, and distribution of copies of the Texas Department of Housing & Community Affair approved “Transmittal of State Records” form and corresponding inventory to appropriate sections.
  • Arranges records retrieval from the State Records Center, maintains internal tracking of records pulled from storage, and ensures records are properly returned to storage.
  • Coordinates the archival of Department publications with the TSLAC.
  • Performs periodic review of Department records to ensure records are not improperly stored and are being maintained according to the Records Retention Schedule.
  • Maintains documentation and inventory of all disposed records as well as identifies and performs inventory of all inactive records stored offsite.
  • Provides technical assistance and training to staff for records management.
  • Assists in all Staff Services areas including Copy Center, Mail Room, Inventory, and Safety Coordination.
  • Complies with all applicable safety rules, regulations and standards.
  • Adheres to all Department policies and procedures.
  • Responsible for becoming fully knowledgeable of the Department’s Enterprise Risk Management Program and its affect in the Staff Services section, including performing risk assessments of the sections high impact processes and indentifying and communicating controls to mitigate unacceptable risks.