Chapter Elections Are Coming! Help Austin ARMA Build Your Career

As the national election closes, we in Austin ARMA are looking forward to our own Board of Director's election.  We are seeking nominations for many of the positions.  Each position has a term of two years.  

The benefits of joining the Board of Director's are:

1)  You are giving your time and talent to help grow the chapter that gives you so much.

2)  Your new ideas will take the chapter into new and exciting paths.

3)  You will gain valuable management and team work experience.

4)  You will make lifelong relationships.

5)  You get to meet and make a difference in the lives and experiences of your fellow chapter members.

Any position can be run for, but below is a list of the positions, if someone is running for it, and a short description of what it entails.

Board of Directors

President - Gina Cervantes.  Oversees the management of the chapter.  (Management)

President Elect (fka Vice President) - Steven Williams.  Would run for President in 2019-2021, uses years as President Elect to learn the ropes and step in if the President is absent (Management)

Secretary - Steven Williams.  Takes the minutes of each Board meeting (there are 11 in a fiscal year - one a month from Aug to June) and document any official Board activity outside of the meetings.  Ensures the minutes are drafted, reviewed by the Board and prepared for approval at each subsequent Board meeting. (Recorder of Chapter Activities)

Treasurer - no nominations.  Manages the chapter's finances.  Submits tax forms (that are extremely simplified now for ease).  Reimburses for chapter expenses.  Makes payments for chapter items. (Accounting)  THE CHAPTER WILL GO DORMANT WITHOUT THIS POSITION.

Publicity - no nominations.  Manages the chapter communications for events and information releases.  Also manages communicating those items via the social media platforms as well as maintaining the chapter emails in the chapter email box.  (Communications)

Programs Co Chair - 

Programs Co Chair - no nominations.  Schedules speakers, facilitates lunch menu, and secures location (and as long as we are at our regular spot, this isn't an issue).  Also sets up and coordinates the facilities for the August Planning Meeting, Holiday Social, Sponsorship Expo and the June Appreciation meeting.  They also manage the advertising and survey of feedback for the events. (Event Planning)

Membership Co Chair - Michelle Stafford.

Membership Co Chair - no nominations.  Membership welcomes new members, manages the membership directory, manages the sign in table at all meetings, facilitates the meeting prepay card and membership anniversaries (Recruiting and Retention of members)

Seminar Co Chair - Chris Barden

Seminar Co Chair - no nominations.  Works to plan and implement the chapter's annual seminar (currently we partner with San Antonio).  This includes getting speakers, setting up schedules, securing the location and food.  They also manage the advertising and survey of feedback for the event. (Event Planning)

Education Chair - Vickie Stephens.  Plans and facilitates multiple half day workshops through the year (from 2 to 4).  This position also secures speakers, locations and refreshments.  (Event Planning)

CRM Liaison.  No nominations.  Organizes and facilitates the chapter's study group for the CRM tests.  This position could also be a co chair team to share the work for the CRM (or we could even venture to having one CRM Liaison and one IGP Liaison).  (Study and Support for Test Takers)  Prerequisite:  Must be a CRM to be CRM Liaison or an IGP if there is interest in having an IGP Liaison.

Sponsorship Liaison - no nominations.  Point of contact for the chapters sponsors that manages renewals and coordinates the sponsors for individual chapter event sponsorship (lunch meetings) as well as coordinating them for the Chapter Sponsorship Expo, Annual Seminar and the June Appreciation meeting. (Sales and Marketing)

Newsletter Editor - Kimberly DeCola.  Manages the chapter's newsletter.  A minimum of four issues produced a year. (Publisher, Editor, Advertising)

Webmaster - Kimberly DeCola.  Manages the chapter website to promote all communications and manage the Board only area of resources as well as the Members only area. Webmaster also assists Publicity in communicating via Social Media. (Communication, Advertising, Resources)

Chapter Historian - Debra Korty.  Manages the records for the chapter as well as any swag or pamphlets for the chapter.  Also manages relationship with the chapter's offsite storage vendor and access rights. (Archivist and Chapter Records Manager)

I will of course stay on as Immediate Past President and Shred Day Chair.

How could you NOT want to be part of another amazing team of your colleagues?

Please consider volunteering for the Board of Directors.  There is a wealth of transition knowledge documented to help everyone succeed, and the Board as a whole is a team that lends support.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any Board member.  

If you would like to volunteer or even nominate someone, please contact William Basinger at  If you nominate someone, please let us know their contact info.  

We look forward to working with you to make 2017 - 2019 another great two years for our chapter.