Austin ARMA Board of Directors Election 2019-2021

Opportunity is Knocking.  Will you Answer?

Austin ARMA is currently looking for people who would like to grow their leadership skills, advance their career and help the chapter.  

We are currently slating the Austin ARMA Board of Directors for the 2019 - 2021 term.  Joining the Board of your chapter is a great way to bring your unique perspective, ideas and add to a collective body of knowledge from seasoned members and new ones alike.  There is a lot of procedures and information that will be available to help anyone at any level succeed and grow amongst your peers and fellow practitioners.  

Please see the listing below for the Positions available.  The names listed are those already nominated for the position.  All listed positions are eligible for nominations.  Please consider volunteering your time for the chapter, or if you know of anyone you think would benefit from and be a benefit to the chapter, please email William Basinger at

Below is a list of the positions and a short description of each with Benefits and a general time commitment at the bottom.  The positions underlined are required to remain a chapter.  But all positions are necessary and provide a benefit to the chapter.

Thanks for volunteering.

President Elect

(open position)

Incoming President.  Shadows the President to learn the ropes, prepared to step in at any time the President is unavailable.  May be able to hold another position during time as President Elect. 

Secretary (Ensures Transparency)

Nominee:  Sheila Anderson

Takes minutes at the Board meetings and documents all Board activities that may occur outside of Board meetings. (open position)

Treasurer (Accounting) 

(open position)

Person responsible for the chapter’s account.  Heads up creation of budget for each year, prepares monthly statements for Board meetings as to the chapter’s finances, and handles payments and reimbursements.

Publicity (CIO)

Nominee:  Doug Allen

Manages all chapter communications via Mailchimp.  Manages Board chapter gmail and google drive access.  May work with WebMasters to help update social media and other groups to communicate chapter announcements as widely as possible. 

Programs (Event Planning)

(open position for two Co Chairs)

Puts on a chapter meeting once a month (locate speaker, secure space, cater).  The chapter meeting takes shade as an education luncheon, or a chapter social event (Holiday social, Business Partner Expo and Appreciation Meeting).  Usually a Co-Chair position.  At least one chair should be at each Board meeting and each chapter event (except Seminar). 

Seminar (Event Planning)

Nominee:  Julia Johnson

(Co Chair Position Open)

Puts on the Annual Full day seminar for the chapter.  Secures multiple speakers, location and food for the event.  Usually a Co-Chair position.  At least one should be present at the Seminar. (open position)

Education (Event Planning)

(open position)

Puts on three to four half day workshops a year (one including RIM101).  Responsible for securing location, finding speakers and catering of light refreshments for the meeting.  Must be present for all workshops.

Membership  (Recruitment)

Nominee: Wendy Scarborough

Nominee: Sharon Siske-Crunk

Manages the sign in table at all chapter events.  Manages communication to new members as well as following up with expiring members.  Heads up ways to recruit new members.  Manages membership anniversaries for Appreciation meeting.  Usually a Co-Chair position.

WebMasters (Marketing & Technology)

Nominee:  Crystal Koutz

Nominee:  Megan Carey

Maintain the chapter website, including the Board only and Members Only areas.  Proactively seek and promote chapter events and notices.  May also update the notices on social media and other message groups the chapter uses.

Newsletter (Marketing)

(open position)

Provide education in articles, pictures of/and documenting chapter activities, promoting chapter activities, business partners.  The newsletter can be monthly or every other month or every quarter.

Business Partner Liaison (Relationship Building)

Nominee: Margaret Hermesmeyer

Coordinates with all of the chapters current Business Partners, following up on renewals, communicate with them for the Business Partner Expo, June Appreciation Meeting and when they sponsor a chapter meeting.  Ensures delivery of appreciation plaques and certificates after June Appreciation meeting.  Also works to build new business partnerships. 

CRM Liaison (Teacher, Cheerleader)

(open position)

Coordinates a study group for CRM candidates to foster a learning environment to help encourage and empower candidates to take and pass the test.  Support for those taking the tests.  Must be a CRM.  A CRM can sponsor the group and allow CRM candidates to run and facilitate the study groups if needed.

Historian (Archivist)

(open position)

Manages the chapters Retention Schedule.  Applies retention (or sets up guidelines / practices) for the Boards information.  Most is captured in the Board google drive.  There are currently paper records that are being reviewed and prepared for retention and destruction.  An imaging project could also be part of this to avoid the cost of storing paper. 

Non Elected Positions (previously elected)

President (CEO) Steven Williams

Chief Executive Officer – oversees the operations of the chapter and Board activities.  Involved in most if not all activities.  (this position is not currently open.  It is filled by who is elected President Elect the previous election).

Immediate Past President, Gina Cervantes

Head of the Nominating Committee (with the two prior Past Presidents), in charge of the awards at the Appreciation Meeting, Shred Day Chair, and Advance the Profession Chair.  The latter works to locate other professional organizations or other avenues to provide awareness of RIM/IG to them and benefit from their particular skill set. (this position is not an elected position.  It is filled by the exiting President)


Board members will have their registration paid at the Annual Leadership Conference (this year it will be in Safety Harbor, FL likely in July 2019) and will be eligible to have their travel and lodging subsidized by the chapter.

President has their registration, hotel and flight to International paid each year of their term.

It looks really nice on your resume!

Professional Growth & Networking with fellow leaders across the region.

Management & other skills learned with the support of a team of fellow leaders.

Build strong relationships with fellow professionals.

Give back to your chapter.

Time Commitments:

Terms are two years, and most positions are limited to two consecutive terms, but may rotate in an out of positions to learn new skills and add their particular expertise and POV to multiple positions.

Board meetings are held once a month (specific date / day of the week is decided at the annual planning meeting by attending Board meetings).

Annual Planning meeting will be 6 – 8 hours on a Saturday one weekend in August chosen by the majority of Board members.

Board meetings are held mostly by webinar/conference call – Conf Calls can be up to 2 hours.  Minimal to no travel time.

Board members are encouraged to attend the monthly chapter activities (meetings, seminars, social events, Shred Day) as often as they are able.

Board members are asked to read existing materials for their position, prepare budget items and other agenda items for their plan in their position for the year during the summer prior to the planning meeting.

New Board members will have an opportunity to connect with outgoing Board members for supply and knowledge transfer.