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Featured Member Interview: President Edition

Thursday, December 07, 2023 8:49 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Get to know the Austin ARMA Chapter President, Laura Tenberg, in this virtual interview. Would you like to be the next featured chapter member? Go ahead and write up your own answers (or contribute other content) and email us at

What led you into the field of records/data/information management?

Libraries and organizing skills/inclinations led me into information management. I’ve always enjoyed organizing things and helping people find what they’re looking for. As a kid I loved the summer reading program at my local library. In college, I worked in multiple departments in our main library and got to know the inner workings and roles that make libraries run. I decided to further my education and interests in graduate school by working in cataloging at the geology library and taking course work in information management and preservation broadly. Records and information management ended up being a great combination of organizational skills and helping people find/manage their information.

Have you had a mentor (not necessarily in this field) who positively impacted your career?

Yes, my manager at the geology library was always willing to talk through course work/career decisions and reminded me of the importance of having a work life balance.

Would you encourage someone to pursue a career in the field?


Describe how you initially got involved in the chapter and what was your initial impression of it?

I started out coming to chapter meetings as a non member for the education aspect. My first impression was that it was a large group of people with a whole lot of experience (a little intimidating). As I got to know folks better and started volunteering, I realized that that first impression was accurate, but that everyone is also so friendly and willing to help that I didn’t really need to be worried.

How would you most succinctly describe your job to people? 

I help people manage their information, so that they can find it more easily later.

What do you like most about your job?

Helping people find what they’re looking for and the analytical/project management type tasks.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Veterinarian or pet photographer

Outside of work, are there any hobbies or activities you enjoy?

Bouldering, reading, yoga, hiking, tv/movies, baking

Recommend any books, movies, shows, songs, or albums that you’ve enjoyed this year.

A little late, but I enjoyed Wednesday (tv series). I finally watched the Discovery of Witches tv series (I loved the books).

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