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Spring 2024 Shred Day Update

Another awesome Spring Shred Day is in the books I want to thank all the awesome volunteers who helped pull it off.

On behalf of Austin ARMA:

  • Kim DeCola
  • Laura Tenberg
  • Jeanel Walker
  • Jen Greer
  • Annie Rodriguez
  • Ricka Zobel
  • Jo Ortiz
  • Betty Knipp
  • Mary DeCola


And from our wonderful partner, Balcones Resources:

  • Danny Esparza
  • Julian Serrano
  • Joshua Alvarado
  • Luis Rivera
  • John Eric Tovar
  • David Lorrain
  • Eleazar Gomez
  • Thomas Contreras


Additionally, thanks to our partner Austin Energy, for including it in the utility bills and AARP for publicizing it to their members.


We could not have pulled off the event without the help of everyone above or without the participation of our citizens!


We had a productive day with 407 cars visiting us. The total weight of all three shred trucks came out to be 8,760lbs and the recycling truck weighed in at 1,162lbs.


We also raised a total of $2,284.81 with $1,182.81 to Austin ARMA and $1,182 to the Capital Area Food Bank.

Stay tuned for details on Fall Shred Day coming soon!

Next Event

When: Fall 2024

8:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Where: To be Determined

Chapter members - Sign-up for volunteering coming soon.

Stay tuned here on our website or any of our social media platforms for announcements and weather advisories leading up to the event. 

What is Shred Day?

Shred Day is an event sponsored by our chapter and business partners semi-annually to provide a free service to our community and neighbors. Destruction of confidential personal records can be troublesome, especially if you are using a small dysfunctional home shredder, or if you don't have access to a shredder at all. We've got you!

Get Ready to Shred:

  1. Sort through personal records to identify documents that are no longer valuable or serve no further purpose. Feel free to use a records retention guide.
  2. Before placing records in a box, please make sure to remove any hard/metal materials such as rings, staples, paperclips, or binder clips, which will damage the shredding machines.
  3. On the day of the event, simply drive through and chapter volunteers will assist unloading boxes.

Past Shred Days

Frequently Asked Questions:

How often is Shred Day and when is the next one?

  • Austin ARMA aims to have two shred days each year - one in the Spring and one in the Fall. Please always check here and social media for dates of current and upcoming shred days.

Where are Shred Days normally held?

  • The location of the Shred Day does move around the city. Please check here for confirmation of where the current and next Shred Day will be.

Who are the volunteers?

  • The volunteers are members of the Austin ARMA chapter and members from the sponsoring local vendors that are donating their day to this free community service event to help you securely shred your confidential information.  Please be aware of them and keep their safety in mind while driving your vehicle.

What is ARMA?

  • ARMA International is a not-for-profit international professional association that specializes in managing and governing information as a strategic asset.  The local Austin ARMA chapter is the group that organizes the free shred event.

Can I bring my business records to be shredded?

  • No. This event is for private households to securely destroy their confidential information.

How long should I maintain my personal records?

Is there a box limit that I can bring to Shred Day?

  • No more than 10 boxes per vehicle will be accepted.

What are the event hours?

  • The Shred Day begins at 8:00 a.m. and will end promptly at 1:30 p.m. on the date scheduled.

Will the event occur even if there's inclement weather?

  • No. It is up to the discretion of Austin ARMA depending on the severity of the weather and the safety conditions for the volunteers and attendees.

How can I check if weather has cancelled the event?

  • You can check our website event page, or email us at, also you can call [512] 937-3347 to leave a message (if you leave a message make sure you tell us why you are calling, give us your name and a call back number).

Will I have to unload my car?

  • No, Shred Day volunteers will gladly unload your car; however, if you bring a pet along with you, the volunteers will NOT be able to reach into the vehicle.

Am I guaranteed to have my confidential records shred as long as I arrive by 1:00 pm?

  • We make every attempt to ensure anyone who arrives before 1:30 pm can drop off their records, but the event may close earlier than that time if all trucks become full before 1:30 pm. Absolutely no arrivals after 1:00 pm will be accepted. We appreciate your attention to this.

The Express Lane

The express lane is a faster alternative where citizens of Austin and the surrounding communities can drop off their personal confidential records to be placed in bins on a truck that will be driven back to the secured and bonded shred vendors' facilities to be shred within 72 hours. 

The only difference between the express lane and the on-site shredding option is that express lane items are not shred on-site but will be securely transported to the shred vendor facility within 72 hours. Both options ensure the security and protection of your documents as all of our vendors are insured and bonded professionals that provide these services to hospitals, banks and the government offices around our community.  

Note: This option is not applicable for all Shred Day events. 

Preparing Records for Shredding

How should the paper be prepared?
  • Paper should be in cardboard boxes that do not exceed 24" x 24" x 36" and should be able to be easily lifted. The boxes should have fitting lids or securely closed box flaps. This prevents the paper from accidentally being blown out and exposing your personal information to identity theft.
Do I need to remove staples from my documents?
  •  Large amounts of industrial staples, or any paper clips and binder clips should be removed.
Do I need to remove my mail from their envelopes?  
  • No, you can drop your mail into the box as is. No need to remove.  It will all be shred and recycled.
Is the paper and cardboard taken recycled?  
  • Yes. All paper and cardboard is recycled.

Can I use any box?
  • You can use any cardboard box with a fitting lid that is not larger than 24” x 24” x 36”.  We have to ensure the volunteers are able to pick the boxes up.  We also cannot accept flimsy boxes that may fall apart if picked up.
Can I keep my boxes?  
  • Yes, just inform the volunteers that you wish to keep your boxes and they will be returned to you after they are emptied.
What types of items are accepted at Shred Day?
  • Dry paper of any color is the only accepted material. All paper should be in cardboard boxes with lids or flaps that close.  This will ensure no documents will get dropped or carried off by the wind, keeping your information protected.  DO NOT TAPE THE BOX CLOSED.  We cannot accept paper in plastic bags or leaf bags.
What types of items are NOT accepted at Shred Day?
  • Batteries, plastics, wet paper, clothes, electronics, metal, three ring binders, wood, binder clips, rubber bands or anything else that is not dry paper.
What if I want my information to be shred in my presence?  
  • You have the option. You will be asked to pull off to the side and park.  There you can wait until the bin is completely full and will be able to watch your items (along with other attendees items) be shred via a monitor on the outside of the truck.

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